Victim(s), Age: Joseph Gelenscer, 48

Location: Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Date of incident: July 7, 1946

Incident: Attacked

Method: Stabbed

Reason for incident: Gay panic

Perpetrator(s), Age: Ronald Sears, 18

Related incidents: George Mannie
Frank Scigalski
Hugh Blackwood Price
Alexander Voligny

Additional information
  • Sears was sentenced to death, and was scheduled to be executed (by hanging) in December, 1947
  • In mid-November, 1947, a Court of Appeals reversed the conviction
    • They stated that the only evidence was Sears' confession, and that it wasn't given voluntarily
    • They also stated that Sears had no lawyer present during his confession
    • They disregarded that his own sister testifed against him
  • Sears defense was based on gay panic, due to "adult homosexual seduction" at age nine
    • Even though a conversation with at least one of his victims was initiated by Sears and cut short by the victim

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