Victim(s), Age: Bruce Becker, 36

Location: Austin, Texas

Date of incident: July 14, 1996

Incident: Murdered

Method: Beaten with metal bar

Reason for incident: Gay panic

Perpetrator(s), Age: Daniel Carl Greeley, 25

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Additional information
  • Greeley claimed self-defense, but the events that took place did a good job of negating that:
    • After killing Bruce, Greeley took Bruce's car to get his friend, Johnny Ooten
    • Greeley and Ooten put Bruce's body in Bruce's footlocker and drove 360 miles to the Texas Panhandle with the footlocker
    • They buried the footlocker there and returned to Austin
    • In Austin, they somehow met up with Alan Johnston and Melissa Manilio
      • Ooten, Johnston and Manilio were charged with illegal use of Bruce's credit cards
    • On July 27, 1996, Johnston was pulled over in Arlington, Oregon, driving Bruce's car
    • Johnston informed the officer what he knew
    • On July 28, 1996, Manilio was apprehended in Austin
    • On July 29, 1996, Ooten was apprehended
    • Ooten advised police where Bruce's body could be found - They found the footlocker on July 31
    • Greeley was arrested August 5, 1996 in Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Greeley was convicted of capital murder
    • In 2000, he appealed that conviction
    • That same year, the Texas Court of Appeals affirmed the conviction, based on the events listed above
  • We are unable to find information on his sentencing

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