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to a place we call

This is a place where we would like to ensure that all victims of anti-gay hate crimes and hate incidents are known, and remembered.

Do these names mean anything to you?

Matt Coccia... Ágatha Lios... Isaq Abshirow...
Vicky Gómez... Zak Ostmane...

What about these?

Yasuri Orellana... Héctor Orlando Arce... Shameera Krishnan...
Levan Berianidze... Noxolo Xakeka...

They are just 10 of the many people who were victims of hate crimes based on actual, or perceived, sexual orientation or gender identity.

Most, if not all, of the people whose names you will find on this site had hate-filled words thrown their way.
Others may have been on the receiving end of a punch or two.

Some were stabbed, hit with baseball bats or chains, kicked or shot.
Some perpetrators got more creative than that when acting out on their anger and hatred.
A good number of the victims died.
Some victims survived but were paralyzed, or needed extensive surgeries.
One thing that all of these incidents have in common is the seemingly endless amount of anger and hatred that their attacker(s) had inside of them.

This website will include the following types of incidents (possibly others), all of which we deem to be hate incidents:

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